In 1975, two men met while performing in the rock opera Jesus Christ Superstar.  Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock had a gift with soft rock, and they began to write and record songs together immediately. Over the years, they would hire studio musicians or enlist band members, but Air Supply was always about Russell and Hitchcock.  They released four albums, none of which did exceptionally well, before Rod Stewart invited them to open for him during an Australian concert tour.  Then, he brought them to the States.  In 1980, they released their album Lost in Love, and their melodic songs of love and loss were played on practically every radio station in the country, including one of their biggest hits, "All Out of Love." They have sold more than 100 million albums in over four decades, and are still going strong.  Their seventeenth studio album, Mumbo Jumbo, was released in 2010.