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I know that avid American Treasure Tour blog followers have already learned a little something something from us about Lynn Anderson from way back when it was still warm out, and we talked about her album "Promises, Promises."  Well, Ms. Anderson graced us with many, many songs and albums during a career spanning over forty years.  Today, we are going to talk a little bit about her 1972 album "Listen To a Country Song."  Considered her second studio album, "Listen To a Country Song" included two hits, including the title track and the Joe South-written "Fool Me."  All tolled, there are eleven tracks on the album, which proved popular and reached number three on the Country Billboard charts.

QUESTION:  The song "Listen To a Country Song" was co-written by Alan Garth and Jim Messina.  Jim Messina had previously performed in both Buffalo Springfield and the country rock band Poco.  With which other artist did Messina record music in the 1970s?

a)  Gilbert O'Sullivan

b)  Sonny Bono

c)  Alan Parsons

d)  Don Henley

e)  Kenny Loggins

Answer Below


The ATT blog loves continuing stories - a reminder that history is more than just a one-time blurb, but a series of events leading to modern times.  On this day in 1788, the fifth independent state in America ratified the new Constitution, following the examples of Delaware (December 7, 1787), Pennsylvania (December 12), New Jersey (December 18) and Georgia (January 2).  Connecticut's name  can be traced to the Algonquin Indian word quinetucket, which means "long tidal river," and indeed, the small state - the fourth smallest in the modern union - has very fertile soil because of all the rivers that flow through it.  Although it would be an ambitious journey, it is possible that the good people of Connecticut could make a day trip out of a visit to the American Treasure Tour.  Call first, though!


Joseph Strauss was born today in 1870 in Cincinnati, Ohio - not to be confused with the Austrian composer Johann Strauss born 45 years earlier.  Joseph is little remembered today, but his major accomplishment as a structural engineer lives on:  he was chief engineer for the construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco Bay.  Inspired by the work of New Jersey's John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge in his home town, Strauss took the reigns of the Golden Gate for the four years it took to build it, starting in 1933.  Safety conscious, he had a net placed under the bridge, and effectively saved the lives of seventeen workers by stopping their fall from the magnificent structure that continues to dominate the Bay to this day.  Strauss unfortunately passed away only one year after completion of his bridge, so he was unable to celebrate its grandeur for long.  Fortunately, anyone visiting this beautiful site still can.

Murat Bernard "Chic" Young is also a January 9th baby.  Born in 1901, he is also unfamiliar to many people who recognize his most famous creation.  As a cartoonist, Chic developed the long-running comic strip Blondie in 1930.  The strip quickly became one of the most popular in the country.  Chick created over fifteen thousand strips during his long career, and inspired a series of movies as well.  Blondie continues to be published in numerous newspapers today, as written by his son, Dean Young.  

QUOTE:  Sharks are as tough as those football fans who take their shirts off during games in Chicago in January, only more intelligent. -- Dave Barry

Answer:  e)  Kenny Loggins.  Messina initially intended only to produce for Loggins, but his contribution to the 1971 album "Sittin' In" was so substantial that Loggins insisted he receive equal billing.