The King and I - 12-16

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In out continuing effort to acknowledge the record albums that adorn the walls of the American Treasure Tour's Music Room, we at the blog are happy today to discuss the play, movie and soundtrack for The King And I.  Based on the 1944 novel Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon, it is loosely based on a 19th century memoir about an English school teacher recruited by the king to assist in modernizing the culture.  The play was created by Rodgers and Hammerstein, and proved incredibly popular, winning awards during its run and many more once it was translated into film, with a Best Actor Oscar going to Yul Brynner in his performance as the King.  Likely the most famous song to come from the play is "Getting To Know You," which tells of the efforts of Anna to, well, get to know the King's wives and children.


Siam was the only country in Southeast Asia that managed to resist the efforts of the European countries to colonize it, largely because they were able to accept many Western cultural norms as their own.  What is the modern name for Siam?

a)  Indonesia

b)  Thailand

c)  Vietnam

d)  Singapore

e)  Myanmar

Answer Below


It was a cold December 16th in the year 1773 when members of the Sons of Liberty in Boston, Massachusetts disguised themselves as Mohawk Indians and boarded the British tea ship Dartmouth.  They proceeded to dump all the tea into Boston Harbor,

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making sure not to hurt any of the crew or damage anything else on board the ship.  Their act was in protest to the Tea Act, demanding a tax on tea that many in the colonies felt was unjust.  This act proved to have a significant impact on relations between England and her American colonies that would result in bloodshed less than two years later, in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts.



Today is the 70th birthday of television producer Steven Bochco.  Although not exactly a household name, Bochco has created many television shows that Americans are familiar with.  To name a few:  Hill Street Blues, L.A. Law, Doogie Howser,M.D, and NYPD Blues.  These four programs he helped to create, as well as a number of his other programs, have contributed to defining the times during which they aired.  That said, one of his failed efforts also deserves some acknowledgement:  the 1990 short-lived series Cop Rock has become a standard by which shows measure their level of failure.  The idea was simple:  bad guy breaks the law, bad guy gets caught, everyone breaks into song.  If you can, catch an episode or two.  It may change your life.


Vivid images are like a beautiful melody that speaks to you on an emotional level. It bypasses your logic centers and even your intellect and goes to a different part of the brain. - Steven Bochco

Answer:  b)  Siam is now referred to as Thailand.