Welcome to The American Treasure Blog!

I am so excited about the wonders at the American Treasure Tour, that I want to share them here with you. I am dedicating this blog to our fine American Military members who are the greatest American Treasure of all. Here at our fun filled tour we get to explore a huge collection of Americana throughout the ages, we sing and laugh and share stories. It is a wonderful time. I think often that it would not be possible without the true American Treasure of the American spirit, our heroes and military who protect our freedoms.

The American Treasure Tour is so named because the collection of wonders that are house in our facility are so immense that a person would feel not only overwhelmed, but perhaps lost and confused if they attempted to wonder the aisles alone as in a museum. Instead, we have arranged the collection into a guided tram tour so that you are outfitted with a knowledgeable tour guide. More like going on a safari...there are beautiful treasures all around, and we are here to see you through, answer your questions, and offer fascinating information about the treasures in our 100,000 square foot facility.

I hope that you will enjoy all that we have to share!