It's in the Details: Wonderball Treasure Low Down

   Makers of incredible music machines in the early 20th century went the extra mile. They automated machines to create the sound of entire orchestras before the invention of the phillips head screwdriver. But they didn't stop there. These machines mechanizing the playing of multiple instruments didn't turn out looking like an 8th grade science experiment either. They were housed in finely crafted and hand wrought housings to make the machine a delight for the ears and the eyes as well. 

       Above is a proud peacock sitting atop one of our Wurlitzer brand Nickelodeons.  The lights in the peacock's tail are called a Wonderball, essentially a dome of colored lights which turn when the music is played.
      If we consider that this machine was made in the early days of electricity, and before something as simple as the phillips head screw was used for production, this innovating use of lighting is a mind-boggling detail on a machine with a sound so beautiful that it is a world class attraction already!