Today our band organ, "The General" is on its way to Elysburg, PA to Knoebel's Park for a band organ rally.   What is a band organ?  Good question:

Web definitions
  • A fairground organ is a pipe organ designed for use in a commercial public fairground setting to provide loud music to accompany fairground rides and attractions. ...

  • (Mainly American usage). Loudly-voiced self-contained automatic pipe organ designed for skating rink, carousel, or outdoor amusement use. Models with brass trumpets, trombones, and piccolos are sometimes called military band organs. * Synonyms: fair organ, fairground organ, carousel organ.

  • Band Organs provide the special music associated with carousels. They are a self-playing pipe organ using a pinned cylinder, punched cardboard, or perforated paper rolls to play the notes. They often had drums, cymbals and glockenspeil bars as well as many organ pipes. ...

Stay tuned for photos of our band organ on tomorrow's blog posting.

Thank you to Wikipedia, Music Box Society International, and the Carousel Museum for their answers.