Hats Off to Stage Performers, and Who is Going to Win America's Got Talent 2012?

Real American Treasure:

This week, We'd like to salute those folks brave enough to be live performers. Their creative spirits bring so much valued entertainment with real human connection, a different thing altogether from watching actors on screen.

And it is terrifying to perform live whether in front of a packed theater, or a sparsely populated coffee house! So hats off to you performers out there. Even here at the American Treasure Tour  it is like a live performance to be a tour guide. Fortunately for us, we have more props than a Hollywood movie lot to back us up!
Who Else is Loves America's Got Talent?

Speaking of performers, Arent this year's performers on AGT phenomenal? Some of our favorites are William Close and Light Wire Theater. Who do you think will win it all?