Treasure Find: Miniature Circus

        Much in the same way that many folks all over the country build tiny villages for their model train sets, building a miniature circus is a fond American past-time for many. The American Treasure Tour houses a few miniature circuses like the one pictured below. 

Many of these models were made with each item painstakingly to scale (1/2 inch equals 1 foot in many cases). Some very dedicated families pass down the tradition, through a few generations, so some circuses have been added to for 50 + years! Just like a model train, these models have working, moving parts!

For more information about this fascinating American past-time, check out the Circus Model Builders, Inc. website

We sure hope that people continue to make really cool models like this one! What other kinds of models do you enjoy making? Send us links to view your excellent model trains, planes, and automobiles! (and circuses)