Treasure Profile: Pinchy The Lobster

In between the gems of American history that the American Treasure Tour is dedicated to preserving and presenting, are little (or big) items to remind us that we are all here for the best reason-- to have fun! To that end we proudly present, Pinchy the Lobster.

Is he commemorative of the opening of some famous American factory? No, well, we don't really know. Was he famously displayed at the end of some great American boardwalk? Possibly. He is your average, run of the mill, 8 foot long stuffed lobster.

We like to imagine that he was born on the west coast, and grew up in an LA suburb where he fell in love with acting, and once starred in a horror movie about man-eating giant lobster aliens. (They would make a movie about anything in the 50's)

We think he's rather kitsch, do you know of any serious lobster art? Was it Dali who was rather fond of lobsters?