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On this Date in History: 

What did Elsworth W. Bunce do on this date in history in 1930?

a. was the first man to milk a cow on a plane

b. was the first man recorded to survive a jump from a plane whose parachute did not open
c.  was the first man to pilot a plane that used aerial refueling
*answer at bottom of post

1976 ~ Birthday of race car driver ~ Leilani Munter
Vrrooom Vrrooooom!

Died on this Date:  Richard Bright 2006  
What was Richard Bright best know for?
a.  Astrophysics
b.  Architect
c. Actor
**answer at the bottom of the post

WORD for the DAY:
abacinate:  to blind by putting a red hot metal plate near someone's eyes.
(cause you know that happens every day)

which brings us to Today's Song by 
By The Way 

Today's Cliche: strike while the iron is hot.

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*a. was the first man to milk a cow on a plane
**c. actor (Godfather films played Al Neri)