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Today's Trivia Question:
According to Super Pages Zombie Facts, how does one become a Zombie?
a.  being bitten by a Zombie
b.  playing too many video games
c.  patting your head and rubbing your belly at the same time
*answer at the bottom of the post

On this date in History:  1764
The city of St. Louis Missouri was established.

Born on this Date:  1882
Who is this famous person?  Hint though he looks like a Zombie here, he was acting in a Shakespearean play.  Answer at bottom of post.

Died on this Date:  Actor Wally Cox 1973

What other actor was Wally's childhood close friend?
a. Don Knotts
b. Carroll O'Connor
c. Marlon Brando
answer at bottom of post

Today's Cliche:


a.  being bitten by a Zombie
Actor John Barrymore was born on this date in 1882. Note some information suggests that Barrymore was not born on the 15th but the 14th.
Wally Cox was childhood friends with Marlon Brando.