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In other news ... today is the 82nd anniversary of the Congress proposing the 21st amendment which repealed Prohibition in the U.S.A.

Did you know that?  The Constitution Center currently has a wonderful Prohibition exhibition?

The American Treasure Tour is proud to have partnered with the Constitution Center and the Valley Forge Casino for a "Prohibition Tour" to our area.  Check out the links to them below.

American Treasure Tour's Prohibition era 1934 Buick:

Who DIED on this Date in HISTORY?
2006 Sportscaster Curt Gowdy

What two sports did Gowdy excel in at the University of Wyoming?
a.  swimming and football
b.  basketball and tennis
c.  baseball and basketball
*answer at bottom of post

Birthday Pick:  1918
American Philanthropist Leonore Annenberg

means:  the incorrect or excessive use of the letter ~ (seriously, there's a word for that)

Today the American Treasure Tour blog was brought to you by the letter:

LINKS:   Constitution Center:
                  Valley Forge Casino:
                  American Treasure tour:

*b. basketball and tennis