Today is February 14, 2013

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Happy Commercialized Love Day ...

Died on this Date:  1989  James Bond ~ NO not THAT James Bond, this James Bond:
However, this is the James Bond that Ian Flemming knew about and used his name for the character James Bond in his books.
What did THIS James Bond do?
a. James Bond was an ornithologist
b. James Bond was an archeologist
c. James Bond was virologist

Born on this Date:  1942
Andrew Robinson (Elim Garak STAR TREK Deep Space Nine)

Song for the Day:  What's Love Got to Do With It?  Tina Turner

WORD for the DAY:  ailurophilia
means:  love of cats...

Thought for the Day:  Lasagna Cures What Ails You. (Garfield)

*a. ornithologist