MARCH 17th Burst of Joy

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March 17th

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On this date in history:  1973
Pulitzer Prize winning photograph, Burst of Joy was taken depicting a prisoner of war being reunited with his family.

The photograph Burst of Joy. From left to right, Lt. Col. Robert L. Stirm, 
Lorrie Stirm, Bo Stirm, Cindy Stirm, Loretta Stirm, and Roger Stirm.
(© Slava Veder / Associated Press) source Wikipedia

From Wikipedia:  Despite outward appearances, the reunion was an unhappy one for Stirm. Three days before he arrived in the United States, the same day he was released from captivity, Stirm received a Dear John letter from his wife Loretta informing him that their relationship was over. In 1974 the Stirms divorced and Loretta remarried. All of the family members depicted in the picture received copies of it after Burst of Joy was announced as the winner of the Pulitzer Prize. They all display it prominently in their homes, except the Stirm patriarch, who says he cannot bear to look at it.[5]

Today's Cliche:  JUMP FOR JOY

Today is:  Saint Patrick's Day

Birthday Pick:  1936  Ken Mattingly
American astronaut who was supposed to fly on Apollo 13 but was grounded due to concerns about a potential illness which he did not contract.  He later flew as command module pilot for Apollo 16 and became one of only 24 American's who made it to the moon.

Died on this Date:  2010
Alex Chilton
Founding member of the Box Tops

Song for the Day:  The Letter by the Box Tops