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Four of the three Stooges!

Born on this date:   1921
Madeline Pugh

Who was Madeline Pugh?
a.  writer for the I love Lucy show
b.  director for the T.V. series THAT GIRL
c.  my mother

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Died on this Date:  2009
Actor Ron Silver

Which occupations did Ron Silver have before becoming an actor?
a. pharmacist and newspaper ad salesman
b. car salesman and bartender
c. teacher and social worker
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On this date: 1820
Maine becomes the 23rd state

What states were the 22nd and 24th states admitted to the Union?
a.  Maryland and Arkansas
b.  Alabama and Missouri
c.  Michigan and Florida
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Song for the Day:  Billie Holiday The Very Thought of You

Today's Cliche:

*a. writer for the I love Lucy show
**c. teacher and social worker
***b. Alabama and Missouri