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On this Date in History:  1927 
Roxy Theater opens just off Times Square, NYC

How many seats were in the Roxy Theater?
a.  526
b.  3,330
c.  5,920

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The Roxy closed in 1960.  Today, what business stands in the same location?
a.  TGIF Restaurant
b.  FAO Schwarz Toy Store
c.  NYC Public Library
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Birthday Pick:  1946
Mark Metcalf

Who is Mark Metcalf?
a. actor who played Doug Neidermeyer in National Lampoon's Animal House
b. Alice Cooper's keyboardist
c. American astronaut
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Died on this Date:  2010
Football player and American actor Merlin Olsen

Did you know?  Today in the U.S.A. it is Johnny Appleseed Day.
Johnny Appleseed was far more than what we learned about in school ... read more about this interesting character here:

Today's Cliche:

*c. 5,920
**a. TGIF Restaurant
***a. actor who played Doug Neidermeyer in Animal House