SHATNER SINGS (kind of) ...

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Today's Birthday Pick:  1931
William Shatner

Which of the following statements is NOT true about William Shatner?
a.  He is a vegetarian.
b.  He has a college degree.
c.  He is afraid of horses.
*answer at bottom of post

Today's Song:  William Shatner / Rocket Man

Today's Quote:

Died on this Date:  1994
Walter Lantz
What was Walter Lantz's claim to fame?
a.  He created Woody Woodpecker.
b.  He invented the bar code system.
c.  He married Abigail Van Buren of "Dear Abby" fame.
**answer at bottom of post.

On this Date in History:  1990
An Anchorage jury found Captain Hazelwood innocent of the Valdez oil spill.

*c. He is afraid of horses is NOT true.
**a. He created Woody Woodpecker.