Who is Biz?

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Today's Birthday:  1974
Biz Stone

Who is Biz Stone?
a. movie director
b. comedian 
c. founder of Twitter
*answer at bottom of post

What was Biz Stone's birth name?
a.  Christopher Isaac Stone
b.  Brice Isaac Stone
c.  Isaac Banner Stone
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Died on this Date: 1980
Herman Tarnower
Tarnower was a cardiologist and co-author of "The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet" and was killed by Jean Harris his jilted lover.

On this Date in History:  1933
Earthquake in Long Beach California kills 120 people and does 50 million dollars in property damage.

Today's Song:  I Feel the Earth Move ... Carole King

Today's Cliche:
....a fair shake...

*c. founder of Twitter
**a. Christopher Isaac Stone