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Today is Monday April

29 Reasons You Might Actually Be Squidward (from SpongeBob SquarePants)

If you link the the article from Buzzfeed.com you'll see more like this:

Today's Quote from Shakespear ~ Sonnet 29

When, in disgrace with fortune and men's eyes,
I all alone beweep my outcast state
And trouble deaf heaven with my bootless cries
And look upon myself and curse my fate,
Wishing me like to one more rich in hope,
Featured like him, like him with friends possess'd,
Desiring this man's art and that man's scope,
With what I most enjoy contented least;
Yet in these thoughts myself almost despising,
Haply I think on thee, and then my state,
Like to the lark at break of day arising
From sullen earth, sings hymns at heaven's gate;
For thy sweet love remember'd such wealth brings
That then I scorn to change my state with kings.

check out the sample from the list:

Murphy's Law takes over when a slacker (Jack Paradise) runs

out of couches to sleep on and decides to take a road trip

 to find his lost love, but only after tricking his novel-

challenged writer and best friend (Peter Jonson) into 

believing that this trip could be the story he's been

 searching to write all of his life.

A book to consider:

How many 29 letter words are there in the English dictionary?
a. one
b. thirteen
c. none
*answer at the bottom of the post

Saturn takes over 29 months to orbit the sun?

The atomic number for copper is 29.

*c. none
In the English lexicon, none is recognized - the longest has 28: