Ladies and Gentleman Children of all Ages ....

American Treasure Tour Trivia

On this date in History:  1848
Wisconsin became our 30th state.

1.What is the state's nickname?
a. The Copper State
b. The Badger State
c.  The Dairy State

2. What is Wausau famous for?
a. Ginseng Capital of the World
b. Insurance capital of the World
c. Cheese Capital of the World

3.Which of the following is Wisconsin NOT known for?
a.  Has the town that is the Jump Rope Capital of the World.
b.  Has the town that has the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.
c.  Has the town that houses the world's largest ball of twine.

4. Milwaukee's SummerFest is the nation's largest music festival.  How many performers does this festival have?
a.  2,000
b.  2,500
c.  3,000

5.  The Ringling Bros. Circus was first staged in Baraboo Wisconsin in what year?
a. 1799
b. 1884
c. 1910

Speaking of the circus, did you know that American Treasure Tour has a phenomenal award winning miniature circus that was a top winner at the Wisconsin State Fair and went on to spend some time at the Circus World Museum in Baraboo Wisconsin?  


1. b The Badger State
2. a Ginseng Capital of the World
3. c Has the town that houses the world's largest ball of twine
4. b 2,500
5. b 1884