Gary Cooper

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Birthday Pick:  1901
American Actor Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper Trivia Questions:

1.  What was one of the things Gary Cooper did before he became an actor?
a.  worked on his father's farm
b.  worked as a guide at Yellowstone Park
c.  worked as a carpenter

2.  What did one of his college professors say about him and pursuing a career in theater?
a.  shows no promise
b.  too tall for stage
c.  his voice is too harsh

3.  How many movies did Gary Cooper make?
a.  55
b. 107
c. 199

4.  How many of those movies were silent film?
a.  none
b.  5
c.  14

5.  Both of Cooper's parents were immigrants from what country?
a.  Germany
b.  Austria
c.  England

6.  Whom did Cooper say was his closest friend out of many that he had?
a.  James Stewart
b.  John Steinbeck
c.  Jack Benny

7.  What was Cooper's birth name?
a.   James Gary Cooper
b.   Alice Cooper
c.   Frank James Cooper

8.  How old was Cooper when he died?
a.  60
b.  65
c.  70

9.  Which film made Cooper a star?
a.  The Virginian
b.  The Devil and the Deep
c.  Farewell to Arms

10.  Where was Cooper born?
a.   St. Louis, Missouri
b.   Helena, Montana
c.   Columbus Ohio

You better have a good day...

1 ~ b. worked as a guide at Yellowstone Park
2 ~ a.  shows no promise
3 ~ b.  107
4 ~ c.   14
5 ~ c.  England
6 ~ a.  James Stewart
7 ~ c.  Frank James Cooper
8 ~ a.  60
9 ~ a.  The Virginian
10~c.  Helena, Montana