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Birthday Pick:
1904 ~ Dr. Charles Richard Drew
What is Dr. Drew's claim to fame?
a.  He formulated the first birth control pill
b.  He was a pioneer in the blood bank process
c.   He invented the electrocardiogram 
*answer below

Did you know that June 3rd is:
National Repeat Day
National Repeat Day

Quote for the Day:

 If you don't say anything, you won't be 
called on to repeat it.

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What number president was Calvin Coolidge and in which state was he born?
a.  30th President from Vermont
b.  32nd President from Massachusetts 
c.  28th president from Ohio
**answer below

Trivia Tidbit:  Coolidge was the only U.S. President to date to be born on the fourth of July.

Today's Cliche:
Cool(idge) as a cucumber

Songs for the Day:

*b.  He was a pioneer in the blood bank  process
**a. 30th President from Vermont