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Today is:
Old Maid's Day

in other news not fit to print ...

June 4th is also the birthday of:
Rosalind Russell who starred in Auntie Mame.
She was born in 1907.
Her parents named her Rosalind after:
a. a ship upon which they had traveled
b. her mother's maiden name
c. a Shakespearean character 
*answer below

Movie Trivia:
In the movie Auntie Mame, the technique Rosalind uses to interrupt and insult Mr. Babcock - "Nuts?" was previously used against her character "Sylvia Fowler" in The Women, after Sylvia's line, "I wouldn't dream of hurting Mary". 

Died on this Date:  2004
American Saxophone Player Steve Lacey

Today's Cliche:

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a. a ship upon which they had traveled