Burt & Buddy Oh My!

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Holy Robin Batman, today Burt Ward turns

68 years old!

Died on this Date in 2003:

Actor Buddy Ebsen

Did you know?

Ebsen was originally cast as the "Tin Man" in the Wizard of Oz but was hospitalized from inhaling the aluminum powder that was part of his make up and could not finish the movie so Jack Haley was cast.  Haley used reformulated make up that was premixed so he didn't inhale aluminum dust.

Today's Song:

On this date: 1944 

The worst tragedy in the annals of circus history occurred during the afternoon show of the Ringling Brothers Circus on July 6, 1944, at Hartford, Connecticut. With nearly 7,000 people enjoying the performance, the big tent suddenly became engulfed in flames. As fire spread up the side walls and raced across the top of the tent, the bandmaster, Merle Evans, swung his band into the song Stars and Stripes Forever -- the circus disaster tune. The sound of this tune moved all employees into high gear. The horses, elephants, the lions and tigers, were quickly led out of the tent out of danger.

For six weeks Ohio police and medical authorities listened at first with disbelief and the with increasing horror as a stoop-shouldered 20-year-old youth named Robert Dale Segee unfolded a grisly tale of arson and murder. Accustomed to fake confessions of unstable, publicity-seeking people, officials came to believe Segee's story through a mass of corroborative evidence, particularly a series of crayon drawings he made. With them Segee told of a life of crime which began with a murder when he was 8 years old, and reached a terrible climax in 1944 when he set a match to the big top of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus at Hartford, Conn. and started the holocaust which in six minutes killed 169 spectators.


Today's Quote:

Time is a circus, always packing up and moving away.

Ben Hecht