Ch Ch Chicken ...

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Did you know?
Today is take your Webmaster to lunch day.
National Fried Chicken Day.

Maybe you could take your Webmaster to lunch in this:

Chicken Quiz:
1.  How fast can a chicken run?
a.  9 mph
b.  15 mph
c.  2 mph

2. How long does it take a chicken to hatch?
a.  21 days
b.  28 days
c.  7 days

3. Which breathes faster a rooster or a hen?

4.  How much chicken do Americans consume annually?
a.  100 million
b.  8 billion
c.  4 billion

5.  On average, how many eggs does a hen lay per year?
a.  360
b.  175
c.  245

6.  What country is the world's largest chicken producer?
a.  U.S.A.
b.  China
c.  Australia

Today's Song:

1~ a. 9 miles per hour
2~ a. 21 days
3~ a hen breathes faster 30-35 breaths per minute, a rooster breathes 18-20 times per minute
4~ b. 8 billion
5~ c. 245
6~ a. U.S.A.

Have a Great Day!