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Birthday Pick:  1937
Bill Cosby ~ 76 today

Cos Trivia
Which ONE of the following is true:
a. Camille, Cosby's wife is a direct descendent of Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln's mother
b. Cosby went to the University of Penn in Philadelphia.
c.  Cosby has six children

Bill Cosby once was interested in purchasing:
a.  NBC
b.  ESPN
c.  The Philadelphia Inquirer

Cosby was the first black entertainer to:
a.  perform at Radio City Music Hall
b.  win an Emmy
c.  direct a television series

Cosby is:
a. an only child
b. the oldest of 4 children
c. the youngest of 6 children

Cosby has a doctorate in:
a.  education
b.  political science
c.  business

What does Cosby say is the key to failure?
a.  sleeping the morning away
b.  not obeying your mother
c.  trying to please everybody

Today's Quote:

Always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.

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a. Camille, Cosby's wife is a direct descendent of Nancy Hanks, Abraham Lincoln's mother.
a.  NBC
b. win an Emmy
b. the oldest of 4 children
a.  education
c.  trying to please everybody