Dick Tracy at the American Treasure Tour - 8/23

Today's installment of Movie Posters at the American Treasure Tour features the much-loved icon of incorruptibility:  Dick Tracy.  Dick Tracy vs. Crime, Inc. was a Republic serial released in 1941.  Eleven years later, it was re-released as Dick Tracy vs. Phantom Empire.
In this continuing story line, Dick Tracy is up against the insidious The Ghost, an evil criminal whose ability to become invisible is used for nefarious purposes.  Ralph Byrd played Dick Tracy in four separate serials.  It was highly unusual for a serial to have one sequel, let alone three.

Today's Question:
In the 1990 film Dick Tracy, Warren Beatty takes the title roll, while Madonna plays Breathless Mahoney.  Who stars in the roll of Mumbles?

a)  Dick van Dyke
b)  Dustin Hoffman
c)  Al Pacino
d)  Paul Sorvino
e)  Charles Durning

Answer Below

Today in History

On this date in 1775, King George III officially proclaimed that the American colonies were in a state of open rebellion against the crown and England.


101 years ago today, film star Gene Kelly was born.  He danced onto the scene out of a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and performed in over twenty-five movies during a career that spanned from the 1942 film Me And My Gal to 1980's Xanadu.

Also born today, and celebrating her 82nd birthday, is Barbara Eden, who established herself as a television sex symbol with her eponymous role in the situation comedy I Dream of Jeannie, which aired between 1965 and 1970.

Today's Quote:

At 14, I discovered girls.  At that time, dancing was the only way you could put your arm around a girl.  Dancing was courtship.  -- Gene Kelly

Answer:  b)