The ATT & Pinocchio - 8-26

Today's movie poster, adorning a wall in our Music Room, honors a famous film character even if this is not the version everyone knows.  Pinocchio was introduced to American audiences most famously by Walt Disney with his 1940 animated film.  The story has been retold many times since then, including this 1996 version, directed by Steve Baron, starring Martin Landau and Udo Kier:
(Our poster is the image on the left).  
Absent from this version of the story is Jiminy Cricket, replaced if only briefly by a cricket named PePe, but the goal of becoming a real boy remains intact for the wooden puppet and the good-hearted Gepetto, played by Martin Landau.


Martin Landau's career as an actor traces to the 1950s and one of Alfred Hitchcock's most compelling films, North by Northwest.  His television roles include spots on Mission: Impossible and Space: 1999, but it was not until what movie did he receive an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor:

a)  Crimes and Misdemeanors
b)  Tucker, The Man and His Dream
c)  Frankenweenie
d)  Ed Wood
e)  The Hallelujah Trail

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Today's History

Decades of struggle paid off on this date in 1920, when American women finally gained access to the voting booths.    They received the right to vote with the implementation of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution.  Only one of the original attendees of the Women's Rights Conference at Seneca Falls, New York, was still alive to appreciate this momentous event, but she and approximately half of the population were no longer disenfranchised and could now participate in the political process.


Melissa McCarthy is turning 43 today.  A popular television and movie actor, McCarthy began acting in a supporting role in the beloved program Gilmore Girls, and has moved on to a starring role in the situation comedy Mike & Molly and successful films Bridesmaids, Identity Thief and The Heat, the latter co-starring with Oscar winner Sandra Bullock.

Ten years younger than Ms. McCarthy is Macaulay Culkin, who became famous at the age of ten with a starring role in the film Home Alone.  Although he has taken a backseat in the entertainment industry, Culkin remains a quiet presence.

Quote of the Day:

Universal suffrage is the only guarantee against despotism.  -- May Wright Sewall

Answer:  d)