The Pagemaster - 9-5

Today, we resume our exploration of the movie posters that hover ominously above the nickelodeon collection in the American Treasure Tour Music Room with the Macauley Culkin, Christopher Lloyd fantasy film, The Pagemaster:
This film blended live action and animation for its 1994 release.  Computer animation was still a relatively new development in film, and was incorporated along with traditional hand-drawn animation to tell the story of a young boy filled with fear who stumbles into a library to avoid a thunderstorm.  There, he is knocked unconscious and gets thrown into a fantasy world filled with famous characters from books that challenge him to confront his demons.  The film was a financial disappointment and received poor reviews upon release, although its message encouraging the reading of books is a positive one.


The cast of The Pagemaster includes many well-regarded actors, including Ed Begley, Jr., Patrick Stewart, Christopher Lloyd, and Whoopi Goldberg.  In what popular franchise have all of them been involved during their careers?
a)  James Bond
b)  Star Wars
c)  Fast and the Furious
d)  Star Trek
e)  Back to the Future

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Today in History

September 5th, 1774 began what proved to be a pivotal event in the course of events that would lead to the American Revolution.  Men from each of the British colonies convened at Carpenter's Hall in Philadelphia to discuss a course of action to deal with their rising dissatisfaction with Parliamentary actions that they felt worked against the liberties of their fellow colonists.  Although the notion of independence would not be bandied about until a year later at the Second Continental Congress, this First Continental Congress set them on a definitive course that would lead to radical moves against the mother country.
The above image is of Carpenter's Hall is set off the main street in downtown Philadelphia, and a classic example of Georgian-style architecture.

On this date in 1836, Sam Houston became the first man elected President of the Republic of Texas.  During its ten years of independence, three different men were chosen for two-year terms, while the capitol of the republic was moved five separate times before settling in Austin.  The Republic was dissolved on December 29, 1845, when James K. Polk officially accepted Texas as the 28th state in the Union.


George Robert "Bob" Newhart entered the world in 1929 and celebrates his 84th birthday today.  An incredibly popular stand-up comedian in the late-50s and 1960s, he became an iconic personality on television with two very popular programs.  The Bob Newhart Show aired between 1972 and 1978, which told the story of Chicago-based psychiatrist Bob Hartley, and the 1982 to 1990 Newhart, which told the story of Dick Loudon, who moved from New York City to rural Vermont, where he ran an inn and surrounded himself with a circle of quirky friends.

Jo Raquel Tejada, more familiarly known today as Raquel Welch, turns 73 years old today.  A sex symbol in the 1960s whose film work tended towards the frivolous and silly, including her breakout role in One Million Years B.C., released in 1966.  

More recently, she has published her own fitness and beauty books, as well as jewelry and skincare lines.


Laughter gives us distance.  It allows us to step back from an event, deal with it and then move on.  -- Bob Newhart

Answer:  d)