Full Throttle Thursday


We love cars here at the American Treasure Tour.  But really, what's more American than getting in your car and zipping around town impressing strangers and friends with your savvy behind the wheel?  And that's why today we would like to honor one of the sleekest cars to ever be driven during the golden age of car design - the 1950's?  So many amazing cars were coming onto the market during that time, including cars we've already praised here, like the Ford Thunderbird and the Chevy Corvette, that it must have been an amazing time to become of age to drive. Of course, neither of those cars can hold a candle to the car we call out today:  our 1958 Studebaker Stationwagon. 

The Studebaker Company was founded in 1852, long before the beginning of the automotive era, producing stagecoaches and farm wagons. When the electric motor was introduced, they quickly got into the business.  That was 1902.  They got into gas engines in 1904, and were a major producer of automobiles for over sixty years.  The Scotsman station wagon was Studebaker's reaction to financial struggles within the company. Rather than compete head on with the Big Three (GM, Ford and Chrysler), Studebaker introduced this lower-priced vehicle with less chrome, rubberized floors instead of carpet, and painted cardboard interior panels instead of the traditional vinyl.  It was priced below the competition, the going rate being $1,776, and proved a very popular vehicle for people of many economic backgrounds, notably Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. If you want to check out this marvel of economy, come on to the Treasure Tour Thursdays through Sundays, or make an appointment for a fully-guided tour!