52nd Inauguration - Thursday, December 3, 2015

We've been through this before.  The American Treasure Tour is a wonderful place filled with some pretty strange, unusual, and important items on display throughout.  One of the joys of showing first-timers the collection is seeing what catches their eye.  Last week, a young woman took note of the fencing swords on display - we will talk about them soon.  Her mother found the woodworking planes of special interest - so we will talk about them with you, too.  Grandma appeared most engaged by some of the circus memorabilia.  The point of all this is to say there is something here for everyone.  Which is why we are going to talk today about the poster honoring the 52nd Inauguration of the President of the United States.

Located on the wall in the Toy Box tunnel opposite the Broadway art is a poster advertising "An American Reunion," which was a three-day event held on the National Mall celebrating Clinton's pending inauguration.  Tents covered the grounds from the Capitol Building to the Washington Monument, and there were free concerts with performances by Bob Dylan, Aretha Franklin, Michael Bolton, LL Cool J, and other favorites of the time.  Over one million people attended what was considered at the time one of the largest festivals ever held on the Mall.

Clinton was only 46 years old when he was inaugurated as the 41st president - the youngest since John Kennedy thirty-three years earlier, and the third-youngest man to ever hold the office (Theodore Roosevelt was the youngest).  He was also the first Democrat to take the nation's highest office in twelve years.  Clinton regarded himself as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, and had ambitious goals he hoped to achieve during his presidency, the first since the end of the Cold War.  As with all presidents, he had his successes and his failures, but there can be little question that he ended his two terms in office with the affection of a great many Americans.  
QUESTION:  Prior to being president, Bill Clinton was the youngest man to ever hold the governorship of which state?
A)  Alabama
B)  Arkansas
C)  Alaska
D)  Antarctica

IT'S ALL ABOUT TIMING.  On this day in 1960, the musical Camelot opened on Broadway in New York City.  Written by the famous partnership of Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Leowe, the play told the story of the relationship between King Arthur, Lancelot and Guenevere, and starred at one time or another Richard Burton (as Arthur) and Julie Andrews (as Guenevere). It was a hit and stayed on Broadway until 1963, coinciding with the presidency of John F. Kennedy.  In fact, the play became closely associated with Kennedy's presidency after his tragic assassination, not only because Kennedy had been Harvard classmates with Lerner, but because it had been one of Kennedy's very favorite plays.

BRENDAN "DOO-RIGHT" FRASER.  Happy birthday, Brendan Fraser.  Turning 47 today, the Indianapolis-born actor moved all across the country before settling down in Los Angeles to become an actor.  His first professional gig was in a re-enactment for America's Most Wanted.  From there, he appeared in comedies and action films, most recently as the voice of Grayson in last year's animated feature The Nut Job.

QUOTE:  All you have to do is just believe in what's there, then the audience will, too. - Brendan Fraser.

ANSWER:  B)  Arkansas