Monday at the Museum

Ava Gardner.jpg

Hello and welcome to the new week!  We at the American Treasure Tour blog are always happy to remind you of what makes a trip to our unique, but we also want to encourage you to explore other amazing sites around the nation - because there are thousands of wonderful attractions and museums pretty much all around you.  Being that the Treasure Tour celebrates popular culture - movies, music, circuses, that sort of thing - how can we not make a special call out for museums dedicated to telling the stories of famous actors?  There's the Stoogeum and the Jimmy Stewart Museum, both in Pennsylvania, but there's also the Ava Gardner Museum in Smithfield, North Carolina?  

Smithfield is right along Interstate 95 in southern North Carolina, and the Ava Gardner Museum is definitely worth a stop if you're making a drive along the east coast.  The museum was incorporated in 1996, six years after the death of its famous and glamorous subject, although the collection that formed the foundation for the collection began a long time before that - in 1941, by a twelve year old local fan of his former resident. The collection has many pieces in it from Gardner's life, including pieces from her wardrobe and the different homes she lived in in the United States, Spain and England. It shares stories about her life and her marriages, including famous ones with Mickey Rooney and Frank Sinatra.  You simply HAVE to go there, the next time you're in the Tar Heel State.