Full-Throttle Thursday

1918 Nash Quad.jpg

The American Treasure Tour loves motorized vehicles.  And self-propelled vehicles.  And pretty much any kind of vehicles.  But, it being full-throttle Thursday and all, today we are going to call out one of our favorite trucks - an odd looking boxy affair that looks amazingly unpractical today but, when it was brand new over a century ago, was all about innovation and technological advancement.  It is called a Nash Quad (originally a Jeffery Quad, until a guy named Nash bought the company from a guy named Jeffery.  We can explain it in more detail later on if you like.).  The Nash Quad earned its "quad" moniker because it worked off of a four-speed transmission.  It also had four-wheel brakes, four-wheel drive, and four-wheel steering (which meant that the rear tires moved along with the front tires - an invaluable assist in keeping the back of the truck aligned with the front when driving on narrow roads or in deeply-grooved dirt tracks). 

One fan of the Nash Quad was a guy named George Pershing, who just happened to be the Army General in charge of the American troops during World War I.  He commissioned a few thousand trucks to be used by the military in Europe and were so well regarded after their performance overseas that they remained in production for fifteen years. Maybe people took them for granted, because there aren't very many left to visit - about thirty-five, the last we counted.  But don't worry, there is one here at the Treasure Tour.  Check it out!