Wacky Wednesday

Ace Ventura.jpg

It's time here at the American Treasure Tour Museum blog to honor one of the, shall we say, less conventional items we share with our visitors - one of the masks produced by the Collegeville Costume Company.  Halloween is one of America's favorite holidays - a chance to pretend you're someone else and go around asking friends and strangers for candy.  Of course, one of America's favorite industries is film and television - which is all about actors pretending they're someone else for the entertainment of friends and strangers.  So there can be no more perfect combination than creating Halloween costumes dedicated to the chance for kids to pretend they're someone else pretending to be someone else!  (Did you follow that?)

In 1994, Jim Carrey was a little known actor who had made some waves already in the popular sketch comedy series on the new Fox Network called In Living Color.  He broke out on the big screen in a big way this year with his amazingly silly movie, Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.  The movie was critically panned and regarded as ninety minutes of telling the same joke repeatedly, but that didn't matter.  Audiences loved it and repeated lines from the movie for years (some people still do!).  It spawned a cartoon and two sequels.  And an amazingly accurate mask from the Collegeville Costume Company, which was located within minutes of the American Treasure Tour!  Alrighty then.