Film on Friday

Raiders of the Lost Ark.jpg

Okay.  So.  We love movies here at the American Treasure Tour.  We'd like to think we have a healthy interest in them, but we're not so sure it doesn't border on obsessive passion for them. And there's a film franchise out there that has grabbed (most of) us by the heart and hasn't let go since the first movie in the series appeared in movie theaters in 1981. An announcement was made not so long ago that a fifth movie will be released next year dedicated to one of the most memorable, likable film characters ever created for our entertainment.  Of course, we're referring to Indiana Jones, the archaeologist/adventurer unforgettably portrayed by Harrison Ford. 

Raiders of the Lost Ark was an homage to old adventure films, and director Steven Spielberg brought George Lucas' story to life so effectively that Jones has become practically an institution in and of himself. (The last time your favorite blog's author visited the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History and saw Indy's original fedora and whip, he practically gurgled with glee!). There are now four films in the Indiana Jones franchise - and Spielberg, Ford and Lucas have promised we will see a fifth by 2020 - and the American Treasure Tour appreciates this beloved hero as much as the next guy (as well as the movies, to varying degrees. Check out our posters next time you come to see us!