Allene Ray

QUESTION:  Who of the following Ray's never turned to acting as a career?
A)  Romano
B)  Kroc
C)  Park
D)  Stevenson

There is likely little more frustrating for people who aspire to becoming film stars than the story of an attractive man or woman who accidentally stumbles into celebrity. This brings us to the subject of today's blog - a 5'3" with naturally wavy hair from San Antonio, Texas.  Her name was Allene Ray and she was born in 1901 (or in 1895, depending on which source you find).  She grew up on a typical cattle ranch, where she learned the tricks of the trade: horse riding, bronco taming, singing and dancing. When a local theater organizer spotted the multi-talented teenager, he recruited her for some of his low-budget silent films. One thing led to another and she moved to New York City to make her big break. In an unlikely series of events, it actually happened. Ray's athleticism proved a great asset as she was cast in action serial programs, first for Pathe, then Universal Studios.  

Ray made a few dozen serials and films during the silent era. Aside from her natural beauty, reports of the time have her as a nice, soft-spoken and even-tempered person (which are apparently quite unusual attributes for people in the movie business). She disparaged bad language and smoking, and her emotional restraint was something almost unheard of during the silent era. Her co-workers had to deliberately scare her to get her to scream for her performances. The one thing she seriously lacked was a strong voice, and being soft-spoken was not a good thing when the talkies arrived.  She retired from film in 1931 and fell into obscurity until her passing away in 1979.

ANSWER:  B) Kroc. He is best known for turning the McDonald's restaurant chain into an international success story.