Alma Rubens

QUESTION:  Alma Rubens was married three times during her life.  Which of the following men was never her husband?
A)  Franklin Farnum
B)  Samuel Brinkman
C)  Daniel Goodman
D)  Ricardo Cortez

Many of the stars of the silent cinema are long forgotten today.  A few names are still familiar - Rudolph Valentino, Mary Pickford, and Charlie Chaplin to name just three - but the majority of the old-school celebrities are rarely remembered today.  Covering the walls of the Music Room are many of these forgotten stars, and we want to dedicate today's blog to one of these lost actors of old: Alma Rubens.  

The San Francisco native was born in 1897.  Her father was a German Jewish emigre and her mother Irish Catholic at a time in our nation's history when it was professionally risky to admit either. Her performing career started somewhat by accident.  She was a teenager when a chorus girl performing in a musical comedy fell ill and she filled the role.  There, she met Franklin Farnum, nineteen years her senior. He convinced her t marry him and to get into film. The marriage lasted two turbulent months, while her film career spanned the 1920's.  

Rubens started with a few hits opposite Douglas Fairbanks, including The Half-Breed and The Americanos.  Her star was on the rise, when, at the age of twenty-four, she was prescribed morphine for an illness.  That led to a heroin addiction with which she struggled for the rest of her short life. Rubens' last film was 1929's She Goes to War.  She had been in and out of different sanitariums and rehabilitation centers during the Twenties, and was in the process of filing for divorce from her third husband when she contracted bronchitis.  She was thirty-three when her life ended, another tragic story from the movie industry.

ANSWER:  B)  Samuel Brinkman.  And honestly, if you knew this one without cheating, then you are a very remarkable person!