Ancient Egypt

QUESTION:  Which of the following is the  primary responsibility of Anubis in Ancient Egyptian religion?
A)  Guiding souls into the afterlife
B)  Protecting babies during childbirth
C)  Preserving the beauty of women
D)  The Giver of Life

The American Treasure Tour blog is all about telling stories associated with the different items on display in our expansive collection.  Between the automatic music, the automobiles, the circus-themed collections, and the movie posters, we don't worry about running out of material to talk about.  Ever since we embraced the Omrod Giant World of Miniatures last year, though, we love to return to that.  A veritable cornucopia of treasures inhabits the space dedicated to Mr. Omrod's collection, including a diorama dedicated to the tomb of a dead pharoah and honoring the world of Ancient Egypt.

Trying to do justice to a culture thousands of years old in a blog as modest as ours is not unlike explaining this year's presidential election on a Post-It note.  It simply cannot be done. Dozens of leaders, often with names completely unpronounceable for American tongues, astounding architecture and art, hieroglyphics , their religion and gods, their food, culture, and the list goes on and on.  So, we will leave it with an ultimately anticlimactic encouragement to read up on this fantastic country that is ruled by the great Nile River and an amazing people with a rich and storied past.  Or, come to the American Treasure Tour and check out our diorama made with miniatures.  (We also have a seven foot tall reproduction pharoah AND an even taller head elsewhere on the tour!) 

ANSWER:  A)  Anubis is the god of death.  (B is the job of Bes, (C is Hathor, and (D is Isis