Anna Q. Nilsson

QUESTION:  What does the Q. in Anna Q. Nilsson stand for?
A)  Quinnias
B)  Quincy
C)  Quirentia
D)  Quenna

QUESTION NUMBER TWO:  Have you ever heard of Anna Q. Nilsson?  All but forgotten today, she was one of the most popular actresses ever to appear on the silver screen.  Born in the town of Ystad, (pronounced 'why-stad') Sweden in 1888, Nilsson knew from an early age that she wanted to emigrate to the United States where she could pursue the American Dream. She came through Ellis Island when she was 17 and found work immediately:  as a nursemaid. She quickly learned English, and her natural beauty led to a career in modelling.  It was a short step from there to acting, and she signed on with the Kalem Company out of New York City.

For a silent film star, Nilsson's career was unusually long, from 1911 until 1928. By '28, she was receiving over 30,000 pieces of fan mail a month. It looked like she would smoothly make the transition into talking pictures; unfortunately, it was not to be.  In the late-20's, she went horseback riding when her horse, scared by a snake, threw her into a stone wall and broke her hip. It took years for her to recover and, once she was back on her feet, her star had fallen.  The starring roles disappeared and she played uncredited roles into the 1950's.  Fortunately, she had invested her money well, so she lived comfortably for the rest of her life, but today, she is all but forgotten, best remembered as one of the 'waxworks,' the old timers who appeared in the amazing film noir Sunset Boulevard (1950), in which she plays herself and has only one line.

ANSWER:  The Q. in Anna Q. Nilsson stands for C) Quirentia.  She was born on Saint Quirinius' Day, so it's perfectly logical.