Antonio Moreno

QUESTION:  The Antonio Moreno we are honoring today was a film actor. There is currently another Antonio Moreno out in the professional world making a name for himself in what profession?
A)  Acting
B)  Football
C)  Economics
D)  Ballet

Yesterday, we talked about one of the lost films of the silent era, Love's Blindness.  An homage to this film is displayed in our Music Room that includes images of its headlining actors:  Antonio Moreno and Pauline Starke.  Of the two, Moreno's star rose higher and lingered longer (this blog strives to avoid controversial subjects, so we will not address the unfair advantages men tend to have in many facets of this country's culture here).  In fact, he even survived the transition from silent to talking film, but just barely.

Born in Madrid, Spain in 1887, he was a teenager when his family emigrated to the United States, to Massachusetts to be exact.  He was discovered while working on the electric lighting at a regional theater, and encouraged to move to Hollywood, which he did when he was twenty-five.  His "Latin Lover" look served him well, and he quickly gained work as an extra for Biograph Studios.  It was a good start, and by 1915 he had become a bonafide star of the silent screen, performing opposite such big names as Norma Talmadge, Tyrone Power, and Gloria Swanson.  The early-1920's were good to Moreno, as he was cast in high-profile films including 1926's The Temptress opposite Greta Garbo and It the next year with Clara Bow (Love's Blindness fit in there somewhere, too).  He then did even better for himself by marrying the daughter of an American oil tycoon:  Daisy Canfield Danziger.  They lived in one of the grandest mansions in Los Angeles for a decade, ending in divorce shortly before Danziger suffered a fatal car accident along the famously winding Mulholland Drive.

By the time of Danziger's death, Moreno's career had started to suffer.  Sound film was introduced in 1927, and his thick Spanish accent hindered his prospects on screen in the United States, so he started directing and moved to Mexico, directing the highly-regarded 1932 film Santa.  He did continue acting, though, in such notable films as 1954's Creature From the Black Lagoon and The Searchers two years later, having resurfaced as a character actor.   He passed away in 1967 due to heart failure.

ANSWER:  B)  Football.  He is a Spanish footballer, which in the United States means he plays soccer.  He's a right back for the CD Guijuelo