Auto Red Bug

QUESTION:  The Auto Red Bug is considered what sort of vehicle?
A)  limousine
B)  bicycle car
C)  microcar
D)  motor car

The adorable Auto Red Bug was the creation of a man named A.O. Smith, who sold his invention and everything that went with it to the company Briggs & Stratton.  It was a diverse and zippy little transport between 1910 and 1926, and was manufactured at the American Motor Vehicle Corporation factory in Lafayette, Indiana.  One thing that makes them notable is that they generally were produced in two variations:  powered by gasoline, and powered by electricity.  Of course, in the early days of automobiles AND electricity, there were few crossover brands available with both types of motors.  Auto Red Bug stands out in that regard, although it is unlikely many people would have actually had exposure to them.  Because of their size and the relative vulnerability of their drivers (and one passenger), they rarely went on public roads.  They were almost exclusively used on resorts or at amusement parks in the early days of the twentieth century.

An Auto Red Bug (not on display at ATT)

An Auto Red Bug (not on display at ATT)

A pretty cool feature available on some Red Bugs was the fifth wheel.  The motor would have been connected to this wheel, placed between the two rear tires, rather than to the axle. There were a few different variations on their design, but one thing consistent with all of them was a general sense of their adorableness.  (There are three Auto Red Bugs on display at the American Treasure Tour!)

ANSWER:  C)  microcar