Back to the '50s - Friday, May 29, 2015

More neon today - there is truly never enough neon.  Unless, of course, it flashes constantly into your motel window.  We've seen the movies, we know it happened.  Today's sign is unusual for us because it is not really advertising anything.  It simply waxes nostalgic, remembering the good times of youth.  Back to the '50s!  We presume it refers to the decade of the 1950s, since no one alive today remembers the 1850s or earlier.  We're pretty smart that way.

The 1950's were definitely a fascinating time.  President Eisenhower's friendly smile reassured Americans that the threat of the Cold War turning hot with the Soviets was not quite as pressing as the next game of golf.  Elvis Presley made a huge impact on the music scene by emulating the sound of African-American musicians who were prevented through legalized segregation from entering many public (and private) facilities.  Cars were bigger, bolder and more beautiful than they are today, even though they rarely had seatbelts or any of the safety precautions taken for granted today.  So, there are pros and cons to the '50s, as there are to every era.  But we can all be comforted knowing that neon is out there, shining away and looking happy! 
QUESTION:  In the film Back to the Future, what year did Marty McFly travel back to?
A)  1951
B)  1953
C)  1955
D)  1957

CHRISTMAS IN MAY!  Christmas is truly a year-round holiday, and no evidence points to that truth more obviously than today's historic moment.  On this day in 1942, Bing Crosby recorded the song "White Christmas" for his first time.  It's likely no one would have guessed on that special day that they had just created what would become the best-selling single song in history.  It has since been recorded by dozens of other artists, and was the inspiration for a popular movie of the same name.

A TIME FOR HOPE.  On this day in 1903, a baby boy was born to William and Avis Hope in their home in England, little Leslie Townes.  At the age of five, the future Bob Hope moved with his family to Cleveland, Ohio.  A born performer, he sang and danced and entertained on the vaudeville circuit before he got hooked on radio.  That led to roles in television and movies. He starred in over seventy movies and shorts during his long career (many starring alongside another member of today's blog family, Bing Crosby), and hosted the Academy Award ceremony fourteen times (more than anyone else ever), despite never winning an Oscar himself.  Passing away in 2003, , he lived a full century, making people laugh all along the way.

QUOTE:  A bank is a place that will lend you money if you prove that you don't need it. - Bob Hope

ANSWER:  C)  1955 - Thirty years prior to the year the film was released.