QUESTION:  Which of the following actors has never played the roll of Batman in a film?
A)  George Clooney
B)  Bob Kane
C)  Val Kilmer
D)  Ben Affleck

The American Treasure Tour has something for everyone, although it may seem to have a little bit of everything.  One of the comments often made of the tour is that there is far too much to see for any one visit - regardless of how long that visit lasts.  It's true, there are a lot of wonderful pieces in the collection and we strive to share as much of it as we can with inquiring minds - which is what the blog is for.  Here, we show off pieces we simply do not have time for.  We proudly display the Omrod Giant World of Miniatures in our Music Room.  Created by the strange and wonderful mind of artist/retired teacher Bob Omrod, this is an expansive fantasyland that includes castles, sea scenes, dioramas, and pretty much anything you can imagine.  Including, of course, Batman.  

There are many excellent books dedicated to the Caped Crusader (including The Caped Crusade: Batman and the Rise of Nerd Culture by NPR's Glen Weldon, released today in fine bookstores and on-line), so we cannot pretend to do justice to the history and mythology of the Dark Knight here in our modest blog, but we would be remiss if we did not at least acknowledge the delightful homage Mr. Omrod created for his magnificent world, and currently on display at the American Treasure Tour!

Batman makes a few appearances in Mr. Omrod's presentation, but this is an action scene reminiscent of one of the Christopher Nolan-directed films.  Even if the style of the Batmobile is different and the colors of Batman's outfit reflect an older interpretation of the superhero. Okay, fine.  It has nothing to do with the Nolan trilogy starring Christian Bale as Batman, but it still is a lot of fun.  Batman has driven into the lair of some nefarious criminal in the effort to uphold the law - with his own brand of vigilantism.  He does not care if he leaves massive destruction in his wake because he will do what he has to!  Debris strewn everywhere, the "Drive Carefully" sign ironically destroyed in the mix, and Batman's right hand raised.  Is he straightening his bat ear?  Scratching his neck?  Or asking the teacher a question?  Our guess is the latter because, you know, Bob Omrod was a teacher for forty years.  Seems pretty obvious to us....

ANSWER:  B)  Bob Kane.  He was one of the creators of the original Batman comic strip along with Bill Finger.