Battleship New Jersey

QUESTION:  In which of the following conflicts did the Battleship New Jersey not serve?
A)  Korea
B)  Somalia
C)  Vietnam
D)  Gulf War

With Summer coming to an end, families have less time to go to the beach which means weekends have to be more focused to achieve a quality experience.  We recommend packing in the destinations on Saturday so that kids can study on Sunday, because that's what every child does, right?  Right. So, the perfect way to start every Saturday is right here, at the American Treasure Tour. Our first guided tour of the day is at ten o'clock. Pull in at 9:30, when our guides are bright eyed and bushy tailed. Stay for a while - about two hours or so. Then have lunch at nearby Arnold's, or Chee'burger Chee'burger, or any of the other places in the area. There is always the King of Prussia Mall, Mill Grove, Valley Forge National Historical Park, and other sites we will talk about in the future, too, but today we are going to recommend a multiple-state adventure. 

On the Delaware River, located in Camden, New Jersey, is one of the most distinguished battleships ever to sail the seven seas. We are referring, of course, to the USS New Jersey. Constructed in Philadelphia in 1943, she served in the Pacific Theater for the last two years of the war, serving as the flagship of Admiral Halsey for a number of months (Halsey, a fleet admiral during the war, is probably best remembered today for Paul McCartney's song "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey, his first post-Beatles number one hit) and fighting at battles in and around the Marshall Islands, Guam and Okinawa. Considered the largest of the Iowa-class battleships, she is truly a sight to behold, and you can do that eleven months of the year (they shut her down in January). The American Treasure Tour, by contrast, is open all year long. Still, the ship is well worth the visit, and a true symbol of our country's unswerving devotion to liberty.

ANSWER:  B) Somalia