Beguiled by J. Geils! Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Another Tuesday!  The American Treasure Tour blog loves us our Tuesdays.  And no better way to bring in the new Tuesday than to talk about one of the vinyl record albums hanging boldly on the wall of the Music Room!

We are happy to discuss the unusual J. Geils Band.  Named for their lead guitarist, the band formed in Worcester, Massachusetts back in 1967.  They played a combination of blues/rock initially, with the aforementioned guitar, a bassist and a harmonica player.  They have changed quite a bit since then, with the peak of their popularity coming in the early-1980s with their Freeze-Frame album and biggest hit "Centerfold," about a guy who finds his ex-girlfriend in the...well, um...nevermind.  They still play together for reunion concerts, although one of the original band members who doesn't show up anymore is J. Geils himself.  On display, we have one of their compilation albums, that includes, among others, the popular "Love Stinks."

What was lead vocalist Peter Wolf's job prior to joining the J. Geils Band?
A)  He cleaned up after the elephants at a circus
B)  He was a game show host for a local television station.
C)  He wrote romance novels
D)  He was a disc-jockey

Progress has its pros and cons.  As new innovations become popularized, old standards are forced to the wayside.  That was the case with telegrams.  On this day in 2006, Western Union officially discontinued its telegram and commercial messaging services.  It was inevitable with the advent of cell phones and texting, but old traditions die hard.  (Fact:  The second "T" in AT&T stands for 'Telegraph', as in American Telephone & Telegraph Company.)

This day in 1921, a baby girl was born near Denison, Iowa who would touch the hearts of millions of people who watch television or movies.  Donna Reed was prolific in both.  In a career that spanned over four decades, she performed in over forty films - including memorable performances in It's A Wonderful Life and an Oscar-winning role in From Here to Eternity.  She entered American homes in her self-named tv show between 1958 and 1966 that was produced by her then-husband Tony Owen.  The beloved actor also became an outspoken anti-war advocate during the Vietnam era.  Way to speak your mind!

QUOTE:  When you handle yourself, use your head;  when you handle others, use your heart. - Donna Reed.

ANSWER:  D)  He was a 'fast-talking' disc jockey.