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The American Treasure Tour blog has made it our mission to share with you some of the pieces in our collection, and throw in some other (hopefully) interesting tidbits.  Well, we will continue with this, and discuss one of the many vinyl albums on display.  Today's record is entitled The Best of Bert, and may very well have been one of the most important audio recordings in the collections of many a child upon its release in 1983.  It includes such important hits as "The National Association of W Lovers," (presumably referring to the letter W and not the future president, but we could be wrong), "All Dressed Up," and the immortal "Doin' the Pigeon."  The album was one of a series of "Best of..." records put out by Sesame Street, for which we can only show gratitude.


Sesame Street has aired in the United States for over forty years.  It has also gained a following in numerous foreign countries, where the characters and formula are modified to complement the local culture.  Which one of the following nations has not aired their own version of the educational program?

a)  Nigeria

b)  Northern Ireland

c)  Sweden

d)  Ukraine

e)  Egypt

Answer Below


1974 was the year, and Richard Nixon was president.  Before Watergate would derail his second term - that was months away! - he signed into law a bill that regulated the speeds at which American drivers were permitted to drive along the nation's highways.  As the energy crisis loomed with the impact of an OPEC oil embargo, the speed limit was set at 55 miles per hour nationwide, with the intention to slow down highway drivers and conserve energy.  Nixon's heart may have been in the right place, but he certainly did not make all Americans happy with this law, which was probably ignored by loyal speeders nationwide.


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 Isaac Asimov entered the world on this day in 1920,  Considered one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century, Asimov wrote or edited more than five hundred books during his long career, most famously science fiction novels.  He is considered, along with Arthur C. Clarke and Robert C. Heinlein, to be one of the trifecta of great science fiction authors of his era, while he also wrote on subjects as diverse as ancient history, Shakespeare and The Bible.  

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Jack Hanna turns 67 today.  The famous zoologist connected to the Columbus, Ohio Zoo and Aquarium has been a familiar fixture on such talk shows as Late Night with David Letterman and Good Morning America for decades, while also hosting his own syndicated program, Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures, and other television specials which increase public awareness of animals exotic and domestic.  Happy birthday, Jack!

QUOTE:  The world is the true classroom. The most rewarding and important type of learning is through experience, seeing something with our own eyes. - Jack Hanna

Answer:  d) Ukraine