Bob Omrod - Tuesday, September 8, 2015

It's possible you have never heard of Bob Omrod, but the American Treasure Tour is going to do what we can to change that.  He has spent his life in the Royersford, Pennsylvania area as an art teacher, not only inspiring the creativity of children for decades, but practicing what he preached.  Mr. Omrod has created wonderful fantasy worlds using found objects and household goods to tell stories.  His creations are, to be honest, a little difficult to describe - so is the American Treasure Tour, really - but we hope you think they are as wonderful as we do.  

A lover of movies, Mr. Omrod has created dioramas, castles, mansions and landscapes that depict scenes from classics including The Wizard of Oz, Dune, and too many others to list here.  One favorite encourages viewers to find representations of forty different horror films in one structure that is around two square feet!  Until now, Mr. Omrod's artworks have remained concealed to people in his own home, occasionally being put on display to draw crowds for special functions; however, that is all changing.  Dozens and dozens of his pieces will be on permanent display in our very own Music Room beginning very soon.  
QUESTION:  What is your favorite movie about man-eating dogs?
A)  All Dogs Go To Heaven
B)  Cujo
C)  Beethoven
D)  Marley & Me

A BAD DAY IN TEXAS.  Despite all the advances humans have made in most technologies, there is still no foolproof way to control Mother Nature and, on this day in 1900, Galveston, Texas was devastated by what would be determined to be the deadliest hurricane in American history.  Over 8,000 people were killed during the tragedy, surpassing any modern natural disaster in the United States.  Erik Larsen's fascinating book Isaac's Storm recounts the tale to great affect.

YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS.  Today's birthday honors one of America's great funny men - Isaac Sidney "Sid" Caesar.  (We can keep to the "Isaac" theme going here...)  Born in 1922, Caesar was a performer practically from birth, playing saxophone on the vaudeville circuit an doing comedy sketches - something he would spend his entire life doing on stage, on television, and in movies.  He passed away last year at the age of 91.  We're sorry to see him go, but glad we had him around!

QUOTE:  In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed. - Sid Caesar

ANSWER:  B)  Cujo.  Contrary to popular belief, no dogs actually ate humans in any of the other films.