Bonnie Tyler - January 13, 2014

The American Treasure Tour is, as the name suggests, chock full of treasures.  Scattered about the walls and ceilings are vinyl records covering the span of musical history in numerous genres.  Today, we are highlighting a record that some consider a classic of the 1980s, while others consider it something other than a classic.  The album is Bonnie Tyler's Faster Than The Speed of Light., and some categorize it as pop rock, hard rock, even Wagnerian rock.  Regardless, it includes the international number one hit, "Total Eclipse of the Heart," the title track, and seven covers.

The album garnered for Tyler a special honor in the United Kingdom when it became the first ever for a female artist to enter the British charts at number one in 1983. The album went platinum in the United States.


What late night entertainer played organ on the tracks "It's A Jungle Out There" and "Tears"?

a)  David Letterman

b)  Paul Schaffer

c)  Arsenio Hall

d)  Johnny Carson

e)  Conan O'Brien

Answer Below


Electronic entertainment took a giant leap forward on this day in 1910 when the first public broadcast of a radio program occurred out of the Metropolitan Opera House in New York City.  The event included a performance by the famed Italian tenor Enrico Caruso.  Despite the technical innovation of the event, it was largely considered a failure in its day because of the ineffectual microphones and radio receivers of the day.  The few people who had the technology to actually hear the performance complained that Caruso's voice was drowned out by static.  Still, it paved the way for modern radio!

Johnny Cash, the man in black, had kicked the worst of his drug habits by the beginning of 1968 and was ready to jump start his career with a new album.  His plan worked, and he recorded a live album during a performance on January 13th at Folsom Prison in California.  With backing vocals by June Carter, the Tennessee Three, and Carl Perkins, Cash made his comeback with "Folsom Prison Blues" and fifteen other tracks on a double album. Prison may be an odd place to start over, but there is no denying it worked for Johnny Cash!


Born on this day in 1808, Salmon P. Chase had an illustrious career first in politics then in law. The pinnacle of his political power was during the presidency of Abraham Lincoln when, after a failed run for the office against Lincoln, Lincoln appointed him Secretary of the Treasury.  Chase has the distinction of being in that office when the greenback dollar bills we take for granted today was actually initiated as our federal money.  In 1864, Lincoln appointed Chase Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, after the death of Roger Taney.  He held the position for nine years until his own death, despite continued efforts to achieve the one office he desired most:  the presidency of the United States.

The law of the Creator, which invests every human being with an inalienable title to freedom, cannot be repealed by any interior law which asserts that man is property. - Salmon P. Chase

Answer:  b)  Paul Schaffer, who has been musical director for the Late Night with David Letterman program(s) since 1982.