Boots! - Thursday, February 26, 2015

The American-style cowboy boot dates to the early days of the Spanish efforts to settle the New World.  In fact, the hearty leather footwear was considered necessary to effectively move cattle from grazing lands to market.  Of course, dress shoes were also designed that pushed aside practicality for pretty, and brilliant colors might be added to a pair of shoes to draw attention to their owners.  

Although wearable cowboy boots remain something very popular to this day, we are going to talk about a boot - yes, one boot - that could not exactly be described as practical.  It is over six feet tall and on display in the Toy Box here at the American Treasure Tour.  Sadly, we don't know much about it, why it was built and who had it before us, but we are certainly happy to display it. We wish we could say it's the largest boot ever made, but that honor would have to go to the pair located outside a mall in San Antonio, TX that stands forty feet tall. Those are two big boots!  Still, our solo boot is pretty sweet and we are very proud of it!
QUESTION:  Many cowboy boots are tall and go just shy of the knee of the wearer.  Which of the following are they not designed to protect you from?
A)  Rattlesnakes
B)  Mud from shallow creek beds
C)  Mothers-in-Law
D)  Thorns and Thistles

PROTECTING THE HOLE.  Most everyone has an opinion about the government that runs the United States, despite the fact that we, the people, are the ones who elect officials into high office.  Hopefully, though, no one can find fault in what President Woodrow Wilson did on this day in 1919.  Today, he signed an act of the U.S Congress that officially and legally protected the majority of the Grand Canyon, located in Arizona, as a national park.  This meant that no one would ever be able to exploit its natural resources for profit at the risk of destroying its pristine beauty.  Anyone who wishes the Grand Canyon had not been protected for posterity clearly has never seen it.  So go!  Now!

FOR THE MONEY.  Well, heck.  The presses stop when it's Johnny Cash's birthday.  Really, how can February 26th just pass on by without a call out to celebrate the birth in 1932 of one of the most influential musicians to ever record in the United States?  Born J.R. Cash in Arkansas, he gave himself the name John when he enlisted in the Air Force.  We can be thankful he opted out of a military career because his music is some of the most iconic you will ever hear.

QUOTE:  Success is having to worry about every d*** thing in the world, except money. - Johnny Cash

ANSWER:  C)  Mothers-in-Law.  Realistically, there is very little that can protect a person from an angry mother-in-law.  Certainly not cowboy boots.  (Although they might help a little bit.)