Borden's - Thursday, October 29, 2015

We move along to an internationally famous name today - that of Borden.  Gail Borden, Jr. founded his company in the year 1857.  It was located in Connecticut and sold a revolutionary new product:  condensed milk.  This one product not only created what would become an international company, but it provided much-needed nutrients to Union soldiers during the Civil War.  Ambition became the name of the game, and Borden was the man with the dice.  (Did you like that metaphor?  We just came up with it.)  

Borden's was a major innovator in all things dairy.  They introduced processed milk in 1875, the now-famous glass milk bottle for home use in 1885, and evaporated milk seven years later.  Soon enough, they moved into ice cream, cheese, and even mincemeat.  Borden's contribution to the fight during World War II included the creation of  strange things called instant coffee and non-dairy creamer.  They both would have a huge impact for civilian life after the war as well, along with their '50's-era development of printer ink, fertilizer and plastics.  Borden's expanded into numerous different industries after the war, and did quite well until they overextended by the early 1990's.  Efforts to  restructure and refine ultimately failed, and by 2004 the only surviving connection to the massive conglomerate was one small ice cream store located in Lafayette, Louisiana that was once part of a chain the company had across the country.  Now, it is independently owned and operated. 
QUESTION:  In 2001, Borden's was compelled to sell their numerous pasta lines to which company?
A)  Chef Boyardee
B)  Ronzoni
C)  Kraft Foods
D)  Heinz

SHE'S A LADY!  They hoped she would have been ready to display ten years earlier, but the Statue of Liberty took a little longer than expected, thanks mostly to the expense to assemble her.  On this day in 1886, her debut inspired a parade where happy office workers taking a break from their jobs in the stock market spontaneously threw paper onto the streets below them, creating the first ticker tape parade!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HOMER!  No, we're not talking about the author of the Greek classics, The Iliad or The Odyssey.  We're talking about Dan Castellneta, the voice of Homer Simpson on the long-running animated television show, The Simpsons.  Dan turns 58 today.  Funny, he seems to be getting older, but Homer hasn't aged a day in over twenty-five years....  

QUOTE:  It is better to watch things than to do them. - Dan Castellaneta

ANSWER:  D) Heinz